The Best Halloween Crafts for Kids


It is officially October! Now is the time for all things ghoulish. I love Halloween. Every year as a kid, my parents turned our home into the most fabulous haunted house! We began our haunted house transformation by installing a giant spider web on the front porch with a massive spider sat firmly in the middle. Our entire family pitched in to transform our home by painting huge murals on the walls, installing black lights, and turning on creepy music. The neighboring schools even let the school children take tours of the haunted house! I was a tiny witch complete with a green face, witches hat, and black robes standing behind a colossal cauldron in one of the murals!

I have many amusing stories about growing up with a Halloween loving family, but it was always the lead up to the holiday that was my favorite. We started the fall season off by doing crafts about the fall harvest leading up to art about zombies, witches, and goblins. The month of October’s panacea was met with overwhelming excitement to go out and spend our evening trick or treating.

Don’t underestimate the power of a child’s mind to create memories about the most random things.

The crisp fall air and crunching leaves under our feet while going door to door trick or treating was another part of the evening that I loved as a kid. Getting candy was great, but the real rush is when you’re out after dark dressed as a scary witch or a zombie.

Now, as an adult, seeing the joy on Punky’s face during Halloween is fantastic. Today we’re going to talk about The Best Halloween Crafts for Kids, Pinterest Roundup style.

“Doing crafts in my family is a contact sport.”

To me, crafts are a wonderfully artistic way to express yourself. For the record, doing crafts in my family is a contact sport. We all end up with paint smeared on our clothes, glue dried onto the curtains, and crayon mashed into the carpet. As we like to say, if whatever project we’re doing isn’t messy, it’s not fun! I tend to buy water-based, washable products, though, so it’s easy to clean up the aftermath of our crafting sessions.

I trawled Pinterest to find the best Halloween crafts for kids, ranging from toddlers to teens. You guys, you are all such wonderfully crafty people! Many of the things I have listed, I remember making with my son, Punky. If you see your project here on the round-up and would like to be removed, please let me know by sending me a message on social media or an email. My intent is not to steal your content. I absolutely adore the crafts I’ve listed here, and think more people should see the awesomeness you’ve created!

Now onto the show!

The Best Halloween Crafts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Paper Plate Monsters:


Puffy Ghost:


Cotton Swab Skeleton:


Popsicle Stick Frankenstein:


Pumpkin Handprint & Photo Keepsake:


Cute And Spooky Potato Stamp Ghost Craft:


Egg Carton Spiders:


Monster Suncatcher:


Salt Painted Spiderweb:


Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Monster:


The Best Halloween Crafts for School-Aged Children


Flying Bat Craft:


Ghost Slime:


Pinecone Spiders:


Oil Pastel Haunted House Art:


Coffee Filter Bats:


Plastic Bottle Frankenstein:


Popsicle Stick Haunted House:


Popsicle Stick Scarecrow:


Halloween Flower Pot:


DIY Halloween Lanterns:


The Best Halloween Crafts for Teens


String Art Skull:


DIY Spellbooks:


Dollar Store Halloween Mummy Décor:


Crepe Paper Halloween Trees:


DIY Gilded Insect Faux Taxidermy:


DIY Terror-arium:


Baby Yoda Painted Pumpkin:


Cheesecloth Ghost Craft:


Harry Potter Potion Bottles:


Easy Halloween Bath Bombs:


And there you have it! The Best Halloween Crafts for Kids all in one post. Some of the crafts may need a bit more assistance from parents, depending on their age and skill level. I think all of the craft projects included in this Pinterest roundup are terrific ways to get your family in the mood for Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed our “The Best Halloween Crafts for Kids” post! Next week’s Halloween post is all about fun Halloween themed food, so please keep an eye out for that.

Have a great day today, and make good choices wherever you are!