Welcome to the new blog! We are Coffee & Kerfuffles, reimagined

Hello and welcome to the new blog! I’m so happy to see you here at amandalho.com!
This site is named after me because, like anyone, I work harder when my own name is attached to something.  This blog is going to be written in a similar style as Coffee and Kerfuffles because let’s face it; I don’t alter my personality for anyone. I’m too old for that.


It has been a long hard struggle getting this site up and running. Right after I switched over to the new host, they decided to update their systems which left me unable to work on this site. Up until this point, it’s been frustrating, to say the least. But, that’s enough complaining for now. On to the good stuff!

The Shop

As you’ll have seen on the home page, there is now a tab titled “Shop”. I know I’ve been talking about opening up my online shop for years, but this time I’m finally doing it and sticking with it! Over the summer, I’ve been working so incredibly hard on making awesome printable artwork to share with you all. These printables are mainly in a watercolor farmhouse theme, but I will be introducing new styles once I get going. I also have things I’m working on like children’s chore charts, planner templates, and recipe cards. Lots of fun stuff!

When you purchase a printable from my shop, the printables are available immediately in the download section of your account. You don’t make an account on my site for the printables to be available, however. If you enter your email in the cart section, you’ll be able to click a button within the automatic email that is sent to you with your download link to immediately download your printable. Neat, eh?

Each item will come in a zip file for you to unzip on your computer, filled with many, many different sizes. You can print them at home with your printer, or take the files to your favorite print shop. I include PDFs and png images in each zip file for each size.

If you would like me to make you a custom item, please email me titled “Custom Artwork” and I will email you back as soon as can. If there’s a size of print that you want that I don’t have available, no problem! Just shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Please note that these printables are for personal use only. Do not reproduce, sell, share, or claim them as your own. Once you complete your purchase and the download is available in your account, no refunds will be given. I apologize, but there is no way for me to take back the download you purchased. It’s not like you’re returning an item to Target if it doesn’t fit.  I will not alter any of the printables available unless you send me an email requesting a custom order.


I had pages and pages full of different resources for everyone to use and share on Coffee & Kerfuffles. When I switched my site over to the new host, unfortunately, everything was deleted. I am slowly but steadily creating a new resource list. If you or someone you know would like to submit a resource to be added to the list, please let me know either through my email or on the Facebook page.


Guest Posts

Occasionally I’ll be having guest posts here on the blog. I have spoken to a few lovely people who are willing to contribute here, which is fantastic! I love working with new people!

If you have content that you’d like to be shared here, please let me know. I do require that you send me the post to proof before I add it to the site. I need to make sure that it aligns with what I’ve got going on around here – but not to worry! My criteria aren’t too stringent. Your post MUST fit into one of the categories listed under the Blog section on the main menu. It must be well written with acceptable spelling and grammar, and I’d prefer that it be longer than 500 words. The format I’d like you to send me is as follows:

Your name:


Section for the post to be included in:

Why you’d like to work with me:

Blog Post with pictures included:

Tags & Titles:


As you can tell now and from the past, my posts tend to get fairly lengthy. It’s not uncommon for one of my posts to hit 3000 words. I’m not saying your submission has to be that long, but I do want you to elaborate on your point. Short and sweet doesn’t do much around here!


Connect with us

You can connect with us in many different ways. I’m available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You’ll want to join the private Facebook group though because that’s where we have the most fun! If you don’t want to join in on the fun of the Facebook group, then please sign up for the email newsletter.

I have a no spam policy. I hate it, you hate it, and I’m not going to do that to you. I will, however, send periodic emails with new product launches, occasional discount codes, and a few other things. If you share your birthday with me, I’ll even send you a personalized message to celebrate!

When I use the words “we” or “us” in the context of getting in touch, I mean you’ll be connecting with little old me. I’m just one person running the blog and my business. I don’t have a kickass team behind me, my husband doesn’t help with the site at all. So if you’re new here, hi! I’m Amanda. Nice to meet you!

Thanks so much for visiting, and for your continual support. It means much more than you’ll ever know!

Enjoy the new site, and please make good choices today!